Save The Environment


You must save the earth.

We need to save the environment because the animals are becoming extinct and we are using too much of our Earth’s resources.

6 thoughts on “Save The Environment”

  1. Oh Roshie, you’re so awesome! I’m glad we have you as an adult to look forward to passing our planet on to some day.. Stay true to your values, Love! They’re good ones and that’s hard to come by. Just always remember to use the system to fix the system when you can. Some day start a company or get a job with one that makes the world a better place like your mom did. Do stuff that makes you feel good about who you are and be the person you can most admire.

    All my love,

  2. Such a great post about a great topic! I definitely agree that everyone should help and try in someway, if not all three you suggested, save the environment! My family and I have been recycling for years and even though I am away at college, I continue to recycle on my own. It’s sad when you see litter on the roads or videos of animals being injured from human waste & trash that’s made its way into their habitats. The thought of that makes me cry and I want to help clean up this planet! Good job on supporting a fantastic cause, and keep it up!

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