Sea Plastic Is Ruining Our Oceans And Here’s Why

plastic-trash-in-oceans-and-waterways-1plastic-waste-single-use-worldwide-consumption-animals-2.ngsversion.1526443358738.adapt.1900.1-1downloadfileHi Roshie back and I am going to talk about sea Plastic! Well here we go!


Hi ✋, I Know what you are thinking about the title, either you are like, oh no here we go again, or you’re just like oh really? Interesting!Or you’re like, drop it with the sea plastic stuff, or begin with it. Ok I’ll get on with it then! So as I probably mentioned in the title, sea plastic is a real problem .People buy these plastic containers ,cups,bags and of course plastic straws but nobody actually realized how bad it was, until they saw pictures, like it’s all on your phone now right ?! Anyway that’s what happens nowadays, lots of people are buying these things or getting them from Kinder Eggs and stuff and then using them once then trashing it and you know where it goes?!! LANDFILL!!!! Yup that’s where it goes. Now you’re probably thinking oh hang on what does this have to do with the sea?Well then it all gets filtered into the sea!!!  Isn’t that just MAD!!?? Then once it gets filtered there animals,yes,animals;marine life eats the plasticSooo SAD!!Then When they eat it it chokes them or it obstructs their Airways! Super sad!  Or they get it stuck around their necks especially turtles! Isn’t that Soo sad!!



So that’s all all about Sea Plastic!

See you soon with another page bye for now!



Pictures by National Geographic and and The Conversation. Thank you for reading my content!